The Festival fransaskois

The biggest summer festival celebrating the francophonie in Saskatchewan!

Organized by the Conseil culturel fransaskois (CCF), it’s a special occasion to celebrate the francophone cultural diversity and gather francophones, francophiles and anglophones from all over Saskatchewan during 3 days of family activities (artistic workshops, outdoor games…), musical performances and local market. The festival offers bilingual services, it makes everybody welcome and feel like home. Our friendly artists and entertainers adapt to your kid’s French level.

Festival fransaskois values the concept that French and English are complementary sides of Canada. We believe in an inclusive and strong francophonie in Saskatchewan where both francophone and anglophone communities gather together in mutual respect, appreciation of each other’s and so contribute to the diversity of Saskatchewan.

A three-day showcase of francophones’ vibrant artistic and cultural heritage!

Our mission

The Festival’s main purpose is to represent and celebrate francophone culture and art in Saskatchewan through concerts and activities. It is also a mean of social, cultural and artistic development for Saskatchewan communities and an important actor in Saskatchewan diversity.